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If they believe it’s meant to be a secret, or they do not understand how to get help, most people will endure quietly and pointlessly from substance addiction. Addicts usually attempt to quit by using their self-control alone, however drug addiction is not a disease that may be conquered with self-control. The skilled substance addiction experts at Drug Rehabilitation Colorado Springs have years of experience addressing substance dependency compassionately and successfully, utilizing medically-proven treatment methods. Drug Rehabilitation Colorado Springs challenges the common misunderstanding that drug addiction is a decision, instead, treating it as an illness.


What Is Dependency?


What is addiction if it isn’t a decision? Since substance abuse disorders (usually known as substance addiction, drug abuse, or substance dependency) is a long-term sickness, doctors and psychiatrists agree that it must be managed and monitored, however it can never be ‘cured.’ It is usually equated with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, since while people don’t specifically choose to contract these diseases, they typically don’t work out or make ideal eating choices. Substance dependency is a disease that transforms the decision making process, so that even though an addict may have decided to start misusing an addictive substance, the disease makes it unimaginable to manage the desires that lead to continued drug abuse.


Consequences of Addiction


Any abuse of legal or illegal drugs, including prescription medication and alcohol, is characterized as a substance abuse disorder. The physiological and medical results of drug addiction are often just as fatal (disorders of the nervous system, blood-borne sicknesses, immune deficiencies, multiple organ failure, brain damage, etc), but it’s vital to understand that the mental and social consequences can also be lethal. Addiction usually leads to the addict engaging in risky activities, such as driving while intoxicated, illegal activities, preventable injuries, and dysfunctional behaviors that lead to unhealthy relationships with family members, in the workplace, and within the larger population.


How Drug Rehabilitation Colorado Springs Addresses Substance Addiction


Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs believes that addiction to any substance is treatable, including cocaine, opiates (hydrocodone, heroin, oxycodone), bath salts, marijuana, prescription drugs, hallucinogens. For instance, to treat problems specific to prescribed pain medicine dependency, a client could enter Hydrocodone Rehab Colorado Springs to detox from and treat addiction to hydrocodone. Because they custom-make treatment plans consistent with every client’s physical, mental, social, medical, vocational, and emotional situation, Treatment Programs Colorado Springs is capable of addressing a wide range of addictions.


Drug Rehabilitation Colorado Springs’ recovery team consists of experts that treat each part of recovery, including assessment, medical care, counseling, education, life skills training, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention coaching, introduction to self-help and support meetings, treatment of mental disorders and emotional problems, family education and therapy, and follow-up care. Their residential treatment facility takes all the absolute best parts of inpatient treatment (24 hour supervision and a medical staff and outpatient treatment (introduction to the ‘real world’ and off site self-help group meetings). While living in gorgeous, comfortable residential homes, clients engage in group and individual counseling, behavioral modeling treatment, self-help group meetings every day, recreational activities, trips to the gym every day, and other social activities. For additional details concerning rehabilitation programs, the consequences of drug use, or substance abuse in general, please call Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs’ recovery professionals!